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Director's Note

Our main protagonists is blind to what she sees, the story is about how she finally opens her eyes. The style of the film will parallel this awakening, in the beginning, we experience the world in Sofia’s myopic perspective, the false sense of grander and purpose. The film language will reflect this, the intent is to create a visual journey that the viewer will also have the sense of an awakening. The soundtrack as well will mirror this. As the story unfolds Sofia’s world becomes more chaotic and the film will shift into a more unaesthetic technique, that is rougher until it settles into a new mode with greater perspective and clarity. Although the film will stay close to Sofia’s journey there will be instances of irony where the film will have moments of reflection and commentary outside her “reality”.

We are wanting to cast the film as authentically as possible - using a mix of actors and real people. We want to explore the use of colors and temperature to contrast the beautiful nature with the darkness and shadows indoors.

I am angry and terribly sad at what has become of my country Venezuela. The children of the ruling elite are the focus of the story as they are at heart of the storm. They represent us, Venezuelan blinded by a Revolution, which promised a society of progress and justice but what delivered was ruin and death. The so-called Revolution has divided Venezuelan society to the core, the confrontation is so extreme that families have been broken, while the Leaders engaged in looting the country.

The Chavista Government didn’t invest the money in producing progress for the people, as they had promised, but on the contrary collapsed the economy and submitted the population to endure devastating shortages of food and medicine, rampant inflation, and uncontrollable violence, originating a Mass emigration never seen in Venezuelan society before. The situation is especially worsted for the youngsters who like the Young protagonists in our story realize their future has been compromised by their own parents. There is a part of the population who still refuses to give up on the Chavista dream (just like our main character Sofia), but every day they wake up to see the destruction around them, while their leaders are sanctioned by the world because of their involvement in money laundering and drug trafficking.Three years ago I had to leave Venezuela, we were making documentaries that made us vulnerable, our phones were tapped and colleagues kidnapped. Since I arrived to the United States, I’ve been willing to tell the story of what is happening to us as a community, from the private, emotional point of view of the family. My producer is living in Venezuela. A project like this is a big risk for her, but we both feel the urgency in reflecting on the tragic situation.


Original story by Marianela Maldonado

Screenwriters: Marianela Maldonado - Ciro Ramos

Status: In development.

Sofia admires her father, a powerful politician of the Venezuelan ruling elite. When Sofia and her brother are taken to a remote coastal villa, she believes they have been kidnapped by her father’s trusted employees and tries to escape, unraveling a series of hidden truths that will change her life forever.


Cinefilia 2016

LIM (Less is More) 2017